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545 67th Ave. West Albis, Wis
September 20th, 25
Two letters do I owe you *** Burroughs, to say nothing of acknowledgment of receipt of that really remarkable photograph of two "out o' door" olive branches of whom any father might be proud. My only meeting with the young folks was away back in prehistoric times when you came for me at the Sherman, or La Salle in a family car that ran like an arrow, and, as it looked to me, a car load of kiddies.

That was a red letter day to me, and one never to be forgotten. Yet now I cannot be sure "which is which". And the horses, let alone their riders are beautiful sights to the old timer who rejoiced in being honored with a copy of the original film.

It took no more than a glance to tell me their revered Dad was their teacher in all things that go with finished horseman. Just as I, to, had been, quarter of a century ago, the "coach" of my young son, so I see have you schooled your little brood just how to sit in saddle (By the way, these, my quartette have been telling their pupils and my grandchildren, how I have kept up with the procession in modern equestrian in, bragging in ordinately about how your old "Com" at Orchard Lake had carried off the Blue Ribbon in the Officer Charger Class and even got "place", honorable mention and a pink ribbon in the Three Gait Saddle Class. This actually happened and just about a fortnight ago. And you are to have a copy of our picture, Star & me. I sent a copy of the clipping ten days back. At least I meant to for your name stands fourth on the list. But, it isn't crossed off, so to make assurance I enclose another one herewith.

But, really Burroughs, the pose in saddle of your little group has been greatly admired, and my comrades, the officers & men of the 105 Cavalry, wish mightily that the author of the Tarzan series could pay them a visit.

It was for them mainly, that I begged the extra copy of Brig. Rex and their old man's "Entry" into the regular service, Rex's rider. It hangs framed & mounted over the Adjutant's desk in the main office at the Armory.

Your estimate of the "Film Folk" accords much with my own. The Selig Co. of Chicago was an honorable exception but they seem to have quit the business.

Do you remember Waterman whose leg was broken the day Harry Rogers tried to start field artillery at the lake in 1892. We had a delightful meeting last week. He lives next door to Major General Robbe in Pasadena, is a prosperous physician in Pasadena & swears by Pasadena & was delighted to hear of you & will soon be looking you up. Must quit in order to catch a train. Shall be writing soon again - please God.

Yours, Charles King

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