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Through the years our Tarzana offices of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. have had countless requests for photographs, artwork, letters, articles and research items for documentaries, movies, book projects, magazine features, fan publications, etc.

We have done our best to satisfy these requests. While looking for specific items I often unearth unexpected treasures that I set aside for future consideration. 

Now, with the amazing popularity of the Internet that reaches an instant worldwide audience, I feel that the time is right to share some of this rare Burroughs family material -- memorabilia that has been lovingly collected and protected across a span of five generations. 

~ Danton
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Webmaster's Introduction

Danton Burroughs, grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs, was born into a world-famous, wildly creative family. His father, John Coleman Burroughs, youngest of the three ERB children, began illustrating his father's novels in 1937, and eventually produced a total of over 125 illustrations for these books. John's wife, Jane Ralston (Danton's mother), assisted him in this work, as well as in many other projects: film animation, comics, daily and Sunday strips, Big Little Books, training booklets for Douglas Aircraft in WWII, pulp magazine fiction & art, film studio art, sculptures, paintings, etc.

Danton was raised in Tarzana, California, in a world created by his illustrious grandfather and talented parents -- a magical world of jungles, distant planets, exotic lands, and inner earths in which heroes and villains larger than life leapt from books, comics, film, radio and movies. It was an exciting fantasy world that stoked a young boy's imagination and daydreams. The young boy grew into a man, but the imagination and dreams stayed with him. He was the obvious choice to step into the family business -- Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. -- and to carry his grandfather's legacy to even greater heights.

His job has not always been easy -- both he and the company have faced and overcome many obstacles through these ever-changing times. But the motto has always been, "I still live!" -- and -- thanks largely to his efforts, the fictional characters and places created by his grandfather almost 100 years ago still live in the minds of millions of fans worldwide. 

ERB, Inc. promotes and licenses a multitude of diverse endorsements: feature films, Disney animated features, television series, countless new editions of the original novels, foreign editions, sequel novels by authorized authors, ERB conventions, Burroughs Bibliophiles, fanzines, museums, merchandise, theme attractions in the Disney parks, comic books, daily and Sunday comic strips, live stage productions, ice shows, gargantuan Web sites, computer games, and an ever-growing string of ERB biographies, bibliographies, documentaries, tributes, awards, etc.

Danton has created the DantonBurroughs.com Website to provide a showcase for rare material that has long been hidden in the massive Burroughs family archive in Tarzana. Through the Web this treasure trove is now being made available to researchers, scholars, media personnel, and the countless fans who phone or even try to beat down the doors of the Burroughs offices on Ventura Boulevard. 

The ERB, Inc. group of Websites now contain over 10,000 Web pages and are updated and expanded on a daily basis. The Danton Burroughs Web site is the latest addition to this ever-expanding Burroughs Web Cosmos. 


Grandfathers: Danton Ralston and Edgar Rice Burroughs
Son: John Coleman Burroughs
Grandkids: Baby Danton Burroughs and Brother Johnny

The John Coleman Burroughs Family
Johnny ~ Danton ~ Jane Ralston ~ Dian ~ John Coleman
Photos from the Danton Burroughs Family Archive ~ Copyright ERB, Inc. ~ Not For Reproduction
Portrait of a young Danton Burroughs by his father, John Coleman Burroughs
Recently discovered photo and  portrait of a young Danton Burroughs by his father, John Coleman Burroughs
Letter To Danton from Grandfather Ed Burroughs

June 22  1944 ~ Master Danton Burroughs ~ Tarzana, California 

Dear Danton:

ERB personal letter to young DantonJust two years ago today your brother arrived when our world did not look too bright.  But you come in on the crest of a victorious wave that is carrying us and our allies to successful ending of World War II much sooner than we had expected. 

If your generation shows more intelligence than past generations, perhaps there will be no more wars.  But that is almost too much to expect.  However, there is a chance.  You have been born into the greatest nation the world has ever known. Keep it great.  Keep it strong.  If you do, no country will dare to go to war if we say no. 

Put this letter away and read it June 21st 1965.  You will be of  age then.  See then if the politicians have kept your country great and strong.  If they haven't, do something about it.  If I'm around I'll remind you. 

Good luck my boy, Your Grandfather ~ (sig) Edgar Rice Burroughs

ERB with grandsons Mike, Johnny and Danton
Edgar Rice Burroughs
with grandsons Mike, Johnny and baby Danton

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